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traffic-lines ex
Removing markings extremely gently
A frequent disadvantage of conventional marking removal processes is the fact that they leave “ghost markings” on the surface, which increases the risk of road accidents.
traffic-lines ex 1.0 is a patented, liquid marking removal additive, which is easily biologically degradable and therefore not damaging to the environment. traffic-lines ex 1.0 helps to effectively loosen existing markings from various surfaces without attacking those surfaces so that the old markings can then be removed by hydro-blasting, leaving as little residue as possible while minimising surface damage. Removing markings with the aid of traffic-lines ex 1.0 involves hardly any elution of bitumen, and the aggregate is not exposed. 

The benefits of traffic-lines ex 1.0

  • Minimizing damage and “ghost markings”
  • Enabling marking removal down to the pores
  • Higher productivity and therefore larger profit margin as well as reduced energy costs
  • No elution of bitumen when using hydroblasting in combination with traffic-lines ex
  • Time savings during marking removal
For applying the traffic-lines ex 1.0 we developed the traffic-lines sprayer, which automatically determines the optimum amount of traffic-lines ex 1.0 to be used for the marking removal.
To clean the equipment after use we recommend the traffic-lines ex final cleaner, which is specially adapted for application after use of traffic-lines ex 1.0.
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