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In good company

Well-known customers rely on the know-how of traffic-lines and on our unique products. Here is a small selection of our current projects:

use of the ultra high pressure water technology on A7 bei Guxhagen

Autobahnmeisterei Baunatal:
Südkreuz Kassel A44 – A7

Two lanes had to be closed due to road damage due to enormous heat. Due to the high outside temperatures, the balancing mass came from the expansion joints of the asphalt pavement and was distributed by the traffic on the road.

You can find near informations in our short presentation

construction site Germany Würzburg A3: removal of cold spray plastic on asphalt

color marking 300mm at rim with 600μm – removal of 3,700 m within 6 working hours

Road marking removal using hydroblasting
Our traffic-lines twister was used on the A48 motorway during the activities of the marking renewal programme. The old markings were removed in an efficient, environmentally friendly and accurate manner, preparing the surface for applying the new markings.
Removal of road markings (virtually) without damage to the road surface
Our traffic-lines ex 1.0 was used in the Oberallgäu region in line with the aim of minimising damage to the road surface during the removal of markings.
A sand patch test (EN 13036-1) found no above-average damage to the road surface.
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