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Modulares System

traffic-lines twister

Conventional techniques to remove road markings often do not produce the desired results and cause substantial damage to the road surface. traffic-lines twister represents an alternative that is ideally suited to removing road markings. The traffic-lines twister attacks the relevant area with a high-pressure water jet. The environmentally friendly device uses nothing but water. The traffic-lines twister immediately sucks the used water back up together with the removed material using a highly efficient suction action which means that there is no water residue left on the cleaned-up road surface.

traffic-lines duo twister

The patented technology used in the traffic-lines duo twisterhigh-pressure water blasting system effectively removes rubber abrasion up to a rate of 50,760 PSI. Working width is over 3.10 m and also available in 4.20 m. Particularly effective, gentle on surfaces and makes an efficient use of resources. The jet water and the particles of loosened rubber are sucked up in one single step. The runway can be operational immediately after the abrasion removal process has been completed.

traffic-lines water loop

The optional traffic-lines water loop water treatment unit saves time by avoiding the need to constantly refill fresh water and drain off waste water during the cleaning process. The extremely powerful suction system fitted to the traffic-lines duo twister ensures that almost every last drop of water is recycled back into the system.