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Graco marking devices

Graco is the world leader with almost 100 years of experience. Graco's airless technology has proven itself and is best known for its speed of use. In combination with a sharp and clear line definition, the innovative Line Lazer systems ensure high-quality jobs in an efficient time frame.

Now, traffic-lines offers you fast and uncomplicated processing including briefing for your Graco marking devices, and is also there for you regarding questions about spare parts and provides after sales service. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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The LineLazer V 5900 continues to be the mid to heavy-duty striping solution for professional contractors who recognize the increased productivity this leader delivers. With it’s ability to use 1 or 2-gun airless paint guns there are no jobs too big or too small for the LineLazer V 5900 – large parking lots, city streets and everything in between. Known for years by professional contractors for its productivity, the innovations of this new generation positions the 5900 to again exceed all expectations.

Features of the Graco LineLazer V 5900 Marking Machine:

• Max. Delivery rate: 6.0 l / min

• Max. Working pressure: 227 bar

• Max. Nozzle size: 0.043 " (when using 2 guns to 0.029")

  • Honda engine: 160 cc, 5.5 hp

Application area of the Graco LineLazer V 5900:

1K and 2K materials are sprayable in the area of the parking marking, the floor and road surface coating. In the same way, industrial and road markings can be applied with the LineLazer V 5900.

The delivery of the Graco LineLazer V 5900 includes:

• Basic unit on trolley with Honda petrol engine

• Graco Flex Plus gun including nozzle holder & nozzle

• Graco high pressure hose, 3/8 ", 15 m

• extension arm

• operation manual

You can find the video with the most important information about the Graco LineLazer V 5900 here: